Design Engineering

Do you have questions about your design and need support in the realization of your product or optimizing the design for additive manufacturing? Benefit from our many years of know-how and use the advantages of the high design freedom and the associated economic efficiency of the AM processes. We work with the latest design guidelines and recommendations, such as VDI Guideline 3405 and have extensive knowledge of AM-compliant design.

Each additive manufacturing process has its specific strengths and weaknesses. So far, however, this wealth of experience has largely been lacking. The innovative processes offer the potential to reduce the production time and costs of a component and at the same time increase its functionality. The high design freedom enables the production of new products and component geometries that cannot be obtained conventionally.

The integration of lightweight structures is another important aspect of additive manufacturing. Solid components can be optimized by a targeted design with lightweight structures and without reducing functionality or overloading critical areas. Material and cost savings are only two of the possible optimization goals.

The topology optimization of a component, i.e. the adjustment of position, shape and arrangement of structural elements, influence the structural behavior of a component and can achieve a stiffer but lighter than the original component.