Due to our wide range of additive manufacturing processes, we can offer you a wide variety of different polymers for your individual component. In addition to plastic filaments, which are particularly suitable for FDM 3D printing of monochrome models, we also have a selection of polymer powder materials, which are used, for example, in selective laser sintering. We can also produce full-color models for you using binder jetting.
In addition to the materials mentioned above, we also process polymer resins using stereolithography and Polymer Jetting to produce particularly filigree or detailed components.

Whether coloured, robust or transparent plastics – each material has its own advantages. We will be happy to advise you on the material selection of your individual model!

Kunststoffe Polymere Filament für den 3D Druck


Components and Models made of metal by additive manufacturing are already used in the aerospace industry, medical technology, the automotive industry and toolmaking. The production of injection and die casting moulds can also be realised by additive manufacturing. We offer you the possibility to manufacture your component from different metals. The material spectrum ranges from stainless steels and tool steels to high temperature resistant alloys and lightweight materials such as aluminium or titanium.

Inform yourself about the properties of the different metals and let us advise you so that together we can find the optimum material for your component!

Other Materials

In addition to our frequently used metals and polymers, we offer you the opportunity to request materials for your individual application and to test them in a feasibility study for AM.

We as the IwF GmbH will be pleased to advise and support you in your research and development tasks.

weitere Materialien zur additiven Fertigung