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IWF - Institut für werkzeuglose Fertigung am Campus Boulevard Aachen
Campus-Boulevard Aachen - IwF - Institut für werkzeuglose Fertigung

IwF GmbH
Campus-Boulevard 79
52074 Aachen

Welcome to the Institute for Toolless Fabrication (IwF).

We support you as a partner in all questions in the field of additive manufacturing, from the optimization of your designs to the redesign of your products to the finished product. Access our many years of cross-industry know-how across the entire process chain. Benefit from the possibilities offered to you by this innovative production technology.

Additive manufacturing processes open up a wide range of new design and manufacturing possibilities. With these new possibilities, you can realize targeted innovations in your company through the use of additive technologies. Do you want to integrate an additive system into your existing process chain, provide your employees with comprehensive knowledge about additive manufacturing options or optimize an existing product by using these processes or even manufacture it with a new integrated function?

In addition to our basic seminars, we offer you individual seminars tailored to your needs, which can be held in your company. This gives you the opportunity to train a larger group of employees to become specialists in the field of additive manufacturing.

These institutes and companies trust in our work