Course data

Dates 22.04.2024 – 26.04.2024
14.10.2024 – 18.10.2024
Duration 5 days
Venue Aachen, Campus-Boulevard 79, 52074 Aachen
Degree Final examination and certificate
Language German
Target group
Master craftsmen or industry, technicians, skilled workers, laser beam specialists according to DVS 1187 guideline, persons with a university degree in an engineering or natural sciences subject of study

Independent of industry

Seminar fees
2.400,00€ + 265,00 € examination fee (plus VAT)

Theoretical training

  • Basics, introduction and systematics of additive manufacturing processes (DIN 8580, VDI guideline VDI 3405)
  • Technical terms and process principles
  • Applications and markets for additive manufacturing processes
  • Additive manufacturing processes based on plastics
  • Construction of the system for laser generation (metal), laser safety and occupational safety
  • data preparation
  • Basics of plant operation
  • process parameter
  • Construction process monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Quality assurance for plastic components

Practical training

  • Construction of the system for laser generation (metal)
  • Instruction in the production plant
  • Material and process peripherals
  • Preparation of data for a construction process
  • Preparation of the production plant
  • Set up and set up the job
  • Post-processing and cleaning of the production plant
  • Finishing and quality control
  • project thesis