Research Projects


3D printing with hot-melt photopolymers

In the AlPhaMat project, novel hot-melt photopolymers are being developed that are processed completely without support structures by a lithography-based 3D printing process. A process without support structures means less pre- and post-processing and, moreover, less waste. The consortium of Fraunhofer ILT, IwF GmbH, FH-Aachen and Dreve ProDiMed GmbH enables 24-7 production using 3D printing with these materials as key components. In addition to otoplastics as a possible application, the areas of application are small plastic series from batch size 1 to several 1000.

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The aim of the VacuFL3X project is to develop an innovative vacuum roll for coating systems, especially for printed electronics. The basis for this is provided by additive manufacturing of a segmented roller in combination with conventional manufacturing and joining processes. The system is designed to eliminate the quality problems of the rollers currently available on the market. At this point, the project relies on close cooperation between the partners IwF GmbH, FH Aachen and JHT Jakobs-Houben Technologie GmbH

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