Big Five Award

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6. October 2020
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7. April 2021

Big Five Award

Big Five Award of Additive Manufacturing

BIG FIVE Award of additive manufacturing

The Big Five Award is presented annually by the IwF in its function as an affiliated institute of the FH Aachen.

It is part of the concept of awarding prizes for long-term formative contributions to additive manufacturing. These often only become apparent after years and cannot usually be estimated in advance due to one or a few publications. Thus, at the time of his dissertation (1999), hardly anyone would have foreseen the sustainable development triggered by the invention of the SLM process by Mr. Wilhelm Meiners.

The Big Five Award was named after the five great species of big game hunting in connection with the first award ceremony. The dangers and difficulties involved in hunting the “Big Five” are representative of the imponderables and risks involved in research, as well as the necessary foresight and sophistication of the award winners in the contributions they make.

Video of the presentation of the Big Five Award 2020


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Overath SLM Team
Udo Overath, Simon Scheuer, Philipp Ginkel

Overath SLM GmbH

In appreciation of their special services as an Innovators and Developers of new, high efficiency metal AM molds for the EPP foaming process


Dipl.-Ing. Frank Palm

Airbus Central Research & Technology

In appreciation of his special services as an Innovator and Developer of new materials in the field of metallic Additive Manufacturing


Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Meiners

Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT

In appreciation of his special services as an Innovator and Developer of a new process in the field of metallic Additive Manufacturing


Robert James “Bob” Bond

Technical University of Twsane (South Africa)

In apprecitation of his special services as an Early Adopter in the field of Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing